Another thing I intend to do with this blog in addition to offering new options for nudist characters is to cover existing lore of the existing worlds that are suitable to playing naked PCs. So what follows is quick descriptions of some deities of the Forgotten Realms, as well as particularly suitable classes, backgrounds, and locations for characters dedicated to that deity, and a naked pregen follower of each deity.


Lady Firehair is a goddess of beauty and patron of hedonists and artists. When Sune appears or is depicted in religious iconography, she is either nude or wearing only a sheer, nearly transparent gown. Her clergy operate many bathhouses for their communities and provide beautician services for donations. They also foster local artists and performers. Her temples are mostly found in urban areas, but some are in places of great natural beauty, especially if there are nearby vistas that many artists would seek to depict.

Excellent Sunite Classes: Monk, Celestial Warlock, Divine Soul Sorcerer, Bard, Paladin

Excellent Sunite Backgrounds: Acolyte, Athlete, Entertainer, Guild Artisan, Faction Agent (Sisters and Brothers of the Ruby Rose, Fellowship of the Purple Staff), Noble, Waterdhavian Noble
Note: The alternate background feature for Knight could be substituted for the feature of most any background to represent a cadre of retainers, stylists, or the like who help ensure you are at your most beautiful and carry your gear, etc.

Excellent Sunite Locations: Daerlun (where there is an enormous castle-like fortified cathedral to Sune which the city grew up around), Waterdeep, Silverymoon, Westgate, Port Nyanzaru, Myth Drannor, Helm’s Hold, Sembia, Amn, the Windrise Ports, Gulthmere Forest, the Sword Coast region in general, the Dragon Coast region

Character Hooks:

  • An individual blessed by the Lady of Love with unearthly beauty and magic linked with it—magic which is most effective when the beauty is fully on display.
  • A member of the clergy serving a very impoverished community who, in order to demonstrate that wealth and luxury are not required to cultivate the beauty of Sune, has taken to wearing no status symbols like jewelry or clothing and maintaining a simple but effective beauty routine which they teach to their congregation.

Pregenerated Character: Comitas, Aasimar Monk


The Dark Maiden is a goddess of freedom, beauty, song and dance, outcasts and rebels from Drow society, and moonlight. She is always depicted dancing with a sword nude in the moonlight and all rituals of her faith are performed in the nude, either in sunless caverns or under the open night sky. She and her clergy primarily work to free dark elves from the clutches of Lolth, and reunite them with other elves, society in general, and especially to bring them back to the good graces of the Seldarine, the elven pantheon. As a result, most of her worshipers are liberated drow, but she gladly welcomes followers and clergy from any heritage. Her places of worship are usually in groves or other places of natural beauty, either hidden near major communities or deep in the wilds. Most of her worshipers are skilled in stealth and subterfuge and work with groups like the Harpers to undermine evil plots and especially slaver organizations.

Excellent Eilistraean Classes: Monk, Twilight or Trickery Cleric, Bladesinger Wizard, Divine Soul Sorcerer, Celestial Pact Warlock, Rogue, Bard, Ranger (Especially Fey Wanderer or Gloom Stalker)

Excellent Eilistraean Backgrounds: Acolyte, Entertainer, Faction Agent (Harpers), Folk Hero, Knight of the Order (The Sword Dancers, The Darksong Knights), Outlander, Spy

Excellent Eilistraean Locations: Waterdeep/Skullport, Cormanthor, the Dalelands (especially Shadowdale), Elventree (just outside Hillsfar), Silverymoon, the Chondalwood, Ardeep Forest, the Yuirwood, other forested areas (particularly along the Sword Coast, radiating out from Waterdeep)

Character Hooks:

  • A ranger who had no particular skill with fighting, magic, or the like until they started performing the nude sword-dancing rituals of the church of Eilistraee and found that within that practice they could wield swords and magic with remarkable skill.
  • A drow monk who attempts to overcome suspicion against their kind in surface society by openly carrying no weapons and wearing nothing that could conceal so much as a knife upon their person.

Pregenerated Character: Minolin T’sarran, Drow Wizard


The Lustful Mistress is a goddess of hedonism, sensual fulfillment, and festhalls (establishments where feasting, celebrations, and sex work go hand in hand), and is sometimes associated with cats since they take great care in grooming themselves. She actively encourages followers to flirt and play the field freely, and most of her places of worship are festhalls dedicated to her rather than shrines or temples. She has no major centers of worship but festivals and festhalls in her name are widespread across the realms.

Excellent Sharessan Classes: Monk, bard, rogue, cat-themed druid

Excellent Sharessan Backgrounds: Acolyte, Charlatan, Courtier, Criminal (in the few places in the Realms where prostitution is illegal), entertainer, faction agent (Harpers), Waterdhavian Noble
Note: The alternate background feature for Knight could be substituted for the feature of most any background to represent an entourage or group of consorts

Excellent Sharessan Locations: Waterdeep, Westgate, Athkatla, Calimport, Amn, the Sword Coast region

Character Hooks:

  • A mage who seeks to entice people into the greater worship of Sharess, but recognizes that any sort of mind-effecting magic used for that purpose would violate the freedom which Sharess promotes, and so they studied transmutation in order to make themself an object of lust and desire rather than enchantment.
  • A good-aligned thief who prays to Sharess for catlike stealth and agility. After one theft from a slave-trader almost went wrong due to a keen-eared guard hearing the faint creak of leather armor, the thief swore to do their sneaking in the nude as a cat does.

Pregenerated Character: Fraylan Evenspark, Half-elf Sorcerer


The Mistress of Revels is a goddess of joy, dancing, and freedom. The Church of Lliira is not especially large, but during the Time of Troubles Lliira provided indispensable aid to Waukeen, the goddess of wealth, and as a result, Lliiran clergy have the support and good will of Waukeen’s extremely large and influential faith. Lliira’s church primarily organizes huge celebrations of happiness, revelry, and free love; provides charity; and sponsors artists but they also have a covert objective of countering and defeating the influence of Loviatar, the goddess of pain.

Excellent Lliiran Classes: monk, cleric, bard, rogue, ranger, bladesinger wizard

Excellent Lliiran Backgrounds: Acolyte, Faction Agent (the Scarlet Mummers), Far Traveler, Knight of the Order (Order of the Leaping Stag, Order of the White Violet)

Excellent Lliiran Locations: Waterdeep, Hillsfar, Chondath, Calimport, Selgaunt, Crimmor, Bezantur, Melvaunt, Yhaunn, Procampur, Calaunt, Lapaliiya, Thindol, Amn, Cormyr, Sespech, the Vilhon Reach, Sembia

Character Hooks:

  • An innocent soul raised in a pastoral rural area by a family of Lliirans, this folk hero was never taught taboos against frolicking naked in the meadows, and is a nudist purely for the sense of freedom and airy serenity.
  • A celebrity thespian who also led public revels on feast days of Lliira, who began wearing the nothing-but-body-paint wardrobe of the revels during their performances as well and once it became a personal artistic trademark, they began “dressing” in that manner on a day to day basis.

Pregenerated Character: Guiomar Cynwrig, Human Bard


The Unicorn Queen is an archfey and goddess of unicorns, pegasi, and other intelligent talking beasts, as well as a patron of romantic swashbucklers. She especially favors beautiful wild places and wanderers who improve themselves by having new experiences and righting wrongs. It is said she is the daughter of the moon goddess Selûne and the seelie archfey Eachthighern, and she along with Mielikki (goddess of rangers, dryads, and forests) are the patron goddesses of the city of Silverymoon.

Excellent Luruean Classes: Divine Soul or Wild Magic Sorcerer, Archfey or Celestial Warlock, Druid, Ranger, Monk, Bard, Trickster Cleric, Paladin

Excellent Luruean Backgrounds: Acolyte, Charlatan, Courtier, Criminal (with a heart of gold), Entertainer, Far Traveler, Faction Agent (any chaotic good organization), Folk Hero, Hermit, Knight, Knight of the Order (Any romantic knightly order, or the Fangshields [if a centaur or other heritage seen as “monstrous” by common folk]), Noble, Outlander, Urchin, Waterdhavian Noble

Excellent Luruean Locations: Silverymoon, Waterdeep, the High Forest, the Chondalwood, the Wealdath, Ardeep Forest, Cormanthyr, the Sword Coast region, the Feywild, any other forested wilderness

Character Hooks:

  • A white-haired centaur warlock with a unicorn-like horn who stubbornly insists that since unicorns don’t wear clothes, neither will they.
  • A former Malar cultist Path of the Beast barbarian who was redeemed by Lurue’s Chosen, and whose primal magic was taken over by the Unicorn Queen. The fur they grow when transforming is now pure white and glitters in the moonlight.

Pregenerated Character: Copper, Satyr Warlock

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