The Hidden Kingdom of Hanu:

“Seeing how ugly the demon king had turned, Void-Awakened Monkey used his magic art of getting extra bodies. He pulled out one of his hairs, popped it in his mouth, chewed it up, and blew it out into the air, shouting, ‘Change!’
It turned into two or three hundred little monkeys, who all crowded round him.

-Wu Cheng’en, Journey to the West

Playtest Version

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Deep in the cloud forest stand huge temples, castles, and city complexes carved from the living rock of the mountainsides and overgrown with vines. Living in these structures, amid the mists and moss and trees, is a secret and thriving civilization, the Hidden Kingdom of Hanu. Many strange folk dwell within this kingdom, but the most common are the vanara, bandar-log, and markatas, who joined their peoples together in ancient times to create a society. The kingdom actively trades with those folk who live near their jungles, but they are cautious to ensure no outsiders learn the ways to or from their mysterious cities, for fear that enemies, old or new, might discover them and threaten their prosperity. On occasion, bands of adventurers go forth from their jungle homes to learn news of the outside world, and especially to collect rumors of their ancient foes, the rakshasas and serpent men.

The Markatas

Unlike the human-sized vanara, markatas are small enough that they can easily be mistaken for particularly large langur monkeys. Their mannerisms also make them easy to mistake for mundane primates, but this is largely intentional, as markatas are the most cunning folk living within the Kingdom of Hanu, and happily take advantage of being mistaken for foolish monkeys, and thanks to their small size they are even more at home in the trees than the vanara. In addition to being excellent spies, they are also the most talented at studying the ways of magic, and have quite a few wizards among their numbers.

Small but Proud

Most of the time markata are playful and wild, and their size can make them seem particularly non-threatening, especially in comparison to the massive and intimidating bandar-log, but markata nonetheless have indelible pride and confidence, frequently carrying themselves as if it is simply self-evident that they are important. On the other hand they are often easy to goad to the point of agitation with insults or disregard unless they are actively trying to be inconspicuous as part of some sort of plan. They do not hold grudges for past insults quite as fervently as dwarves, but only by a small degree.

Serpent Hunters

Far in the misty past, before they came to the Kingdom of Hanu, the markata were lured and charmed into the service of a race of serpent people and were frequently used as slaves and test subjects for bizarre magical experiments. The markata bided their time and covertly learned arcane secrets from their masters and at a moment of opportunity, they broke free, slaying hundreds of their captors in the escape. Ever since then, the markata have had an intense dislike of snakes of any kind and will raise war parties in response to even rumors of serpent people anywhere near their kingdom.

Markata Names

It is typical for a markata to have multiple personal names, one chosen by each parent. Usually the name is that of a notable ancestor from that branch of their family tree.

Masculine Names: Arjun, Bayani, Chandrakant, Chao, Dinesha, Huan, Kapila, Kumar, Nagendra, Ratna, Somsak, Uttar, Xiuying, Yu, Zhihao

Feminine Names: Amihan, Chun, Dalisay, Hui, Indira, Kamon, Luningning, Malati, Pravina, Qing, Sukhon, Ubon, Vasundhara, Xiuying

New Species: Markata

    Common Personality Traits: Proud, confident, plotting, holds grudges
    Common Physical Traits: Twitchy, stealthy, loud when they want to be
    Type: Small biped folk with a Reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score x 2/3 (rounded up).

  • Attributes: +1 to the lower of Dexterity and Intelligence
  • Base Speed: 30 ft.
  • Fend: You gain the Fend trick (see AC, page 140).
  • Enjoy the View: Your speed when making climbing checks is equal to your base speed –10 with or without climbing gear (–20 when traversing inverted surfaces). You minimum result when making a Climb check is 15 unless you roll an error. Climbing occupies only one of your hands and you may cling to your current position without using any hands.
  • Prehensile Tail: You may move small objects with you tail as if it were a single additional finger (i.e. you can tug a rope, but cannot tie a knot in one using your tail). You gain a +1 bonus when you distract, disarm, taunt, or trip an opponent.
  • Combat Trickster: You gain a +1 insight bonus to Anticipate, Distract, Feint, Taunt, Tire, and Trip checks.

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