Lommán’s Bonanza of Backgrounds: Saint of Beauty

“Be a constant outrage to modesty. There is nothing to fear.”
-Jean Cocteau

Adult Material

The following material contains extensive discussion of sexual activity, and may not be appropriate for all groups and/or players. Please do not use this material in a game without approval from the GM as well as the other players.

Playtest Version

This material is still in the process of being playtested. It is fully usable as written, but may be refined or changed in later versions. As always, this content should only be used with GM permission.

Saint of Beauty

From time to time, some deities and even some celestial paragons or other extremely powerful outsiders (especially those whose portfolio relates to beauty, sex, admiration, or physical perfection) will select an individual to bless with a boon of supreme beauty as well as the ability to display that beauty in full anywhere at any time without punishment. This is not merely a social convention granting legal immunity but a power that allows the chosen individual to walk through even extremely repressed societies that may even be hostile to the deity in question without retribution—or at least without retribution for the nudity, that is.
Your hair looks perfect, even if you just woke up, were blasted with wind, or were splashed with a bucket of water. Your movements are always graceful—you may often find your walk spontaneously becoming a dance if there is a beat or music to move to. If you fall in a mud puddle, you will emerge looking like you just had a deliberate mud bath in a spa. Your voice is pleasant and appealing, even if you snore. Makeup you apply only smudges or runs in aesthetic ways, if at all. You do not need to perform any kind of beauty routine in order to look wonderful, but if you choose to, the processes are pleasant, nearly effortless, and last longer than would normally be expected. If you get any scars, they will heal in a fashion that adds rather than detracts from your appeal. To appear disheveled, run down, or even merely ordinary requires a deliberate effort and adjustments to maintain the facade as frequently as an average person would need to fix their own appearance to keep looking nice—and even then you will still look like someone who could clean up well.
Furthermore, through the supernatural beauty granted by your patron, you are able (and encouraged) to pass entirely naked through society, or even to wear such garments as stir up desire even more than simple nudity. Everyone will be quite aware of your state of undress and will respond largely as would be expected, except that no one will mistreat you or keep you out of places you would otherwise be allowed because of it, no guards will try to arrest you, no superiors will demand you stay in uniform, and so on.
Some saints of beauty are active members of clergy, whether inside or outside of the conventional hierarchy, and perform rites and rituals accordingly, whereas others are simply exemplars of their patron’s values. Regardless, among the faithful they are respected and sometimes even revered.

    Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Persuasion
    Languages: Two of your choice
    Equipment: A holy symbol; a high quality pair of sandals, shoes, or boots; personal grooming tools; 5 cones of incense or a flask of anointing oil, and a pouch containing 15 gp

Feature: Blessed Life

Your divine patron has bestowed upon you the ability to go anywhere nude or in extremely revealing garments without any negative social consequences and expects you to do so as much as is feasible. Everyone will still be fully aware of your nakedness but will simply not take any actions to punish you for it or hold it against you in any way. Furthermore, you can always find free room and board among those who are amenable to your patron deity, and often individuals and groups will compete to provide you with the loveliest, most comfortable accommodations and service.

Variant Feature: Exalted

If your character has a Saint of Beauty background, you may select this
background feature instead of Blessed Life.
Your divine patron has blessed you with the ability to go anywhere nude or in extremely revealing garments without any negative social consequences. Everyone will still be fully aware of your nakedness but will simply not take any actions to punish you for it or hold it against you in any way. Furthermore, you have the services of one or more assistants, creatures, or magical constructs appropriate to the nature of your patron. With GM approval, your servitor(s) may consist of either any three CR 0 creatures; one CR 0 creature and one CR 1/8 creature, or a single CR ¼ creature. These servitors are extremely loyal and will perform mundane tasks for you within their ability, but will not fight or follow you into obviously dangerous locations (however they will keep themselves safe until your return). They will leave if they are abused, but if they are injured or killed, you can find a replacement within a month (or within a week if spending time in areas where such creatures are common (villages for commoners, plains for ponies, etc).

Suggested Characteristics

Due to their divine blessings, religion plays a significant part of the life of most saints of beauty, as does social activity as they are continually drawing attention and interest. They may love being seen as perfect or might find it frustrating to adapt to a mold they aren’t entirely comfortable with. Some chafe at being constantly waited on and having people trip over each other to impress them, while others savor every moment of luxury that comes with it.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I have never worn clothing in my life, and I never will.
2 Service to my deity is the most important part of my life, even if my vocation is unusual.
3 Since it takes so little effort to make myself exceptionally beautiful, I spend the extra time giving makeovers to anyone in my company who is willing.
4 People are always proactively trying to help me out with all the little things, so I get frustrated in situations where I have to do it all myself.
5 I’ve become quite accustomed to being the center of attention.
6 Subtle? Do I look like I can do subtle?
7 I try to go about my business like everything is normal, even if I’m shopping in the marketplace surrounded by hundreds of staring people.
8 Since I so rarely wear clothes, I don’t really think about them much and thus don’t find myself judging people by them, regardless of their expense or intricacy.


d6 Ideal
1 Inspiration. Those fond of creative expression can always benefit from seeing the kind of beauty they would like to reflect in their works.
2 Surprise. Unexpected beauty in unusual circumstances helps to give people hope.
3 Lust. Sometimes, when contemplating a deity of pleasure, you need to do the thinking with your crotch. I’m here to help with that.
4 Zeal. I am sure I was given this blessing for a greater reason, and intend to serve my deity faithfully in more ways than just with my beauty.
5 Superiority. My glorious self reminds the lowly that my deity and their clergy truly deserve their adoration and obedience.
6 Diplomacy. Being hot enough to stop a heated conversation in an instant and grab everyone’s attention is an incredible asset when negotiating.


d6 Bond
1 Everywhere I go, gifts of thanks arrive at my deity’s temples and the number of novices entering the clergy increases. I should keep traveling to new places to spread the faith.
2 People assume I focus on myself as much as everyone else focuses on me, but my friends are everything to me.
3 I had never heard of my patron deity before one of their servants came to me and gave me my blessing. I am constantly seeking for more information to learn about them.
4 I am a servant of my faith. I will not turn down a request for aid from one of the faithful.
5 I will do anything to protect the temple in my home town.
6 I am driven to finance the construction of a new and grand temple, fest hall, hospital, bathhouse, sport arena, or other institution suitable to my deity. I will earn the blessing I’ve been given.


d6 Flaw
1 I’m rather spoiled by everyone constantly competing to impress and assist me.
2 I take extremely lewd poses constantly without even thinking about it. I’ve seduced many people by pure accident.
3 I can’t resist stopping to pose if an artist expresses a desire to depict me.
4 I am very dominant and I often feel compelled to overcompensate for how my nakedness makes me feel a bit vulnerable.
5 As an exhibitionist, the constant attention my body draws often makes me so aroused that I become distracted or make foolish impulsive decisions.
6 I make people jealous. A lot.

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