Naluali’i, A Hopeful Tide

“And I have loved thee, Ocean! and my joy
Of youthful sports was on thy breast to be
Borne, like thy bubbles, onward; from a boy
I wanton’d with thy breakers.
And laid my hand upon thy mane—as I do here.”

-Lord Byron, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, Canto IV

Playtest Version

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The Naluali’i

With wide toothy mouths, rubbery black-and-white mottled skin, and strong pack social bonds, it is easy to see why naluali’i are frequently associated with killer whales. While they cannot spend the same amount of time beneath the waves as actual killer whales, they are exceptional sailors and most of their population live on large clusters of ships and boats that travel between trading ports and various islands where some of their number grow supplies that are hard to obtain at sea. Those that live on land rarely travel far from the sea, as nearly all of them seek to work together towards the shared goal of their folk.

A Fallen Kingdom Rising Again

The culture of the naluali’i was radically shaped by a catastrophic event only a few hundred years ago. The many island city-states of the Superlative Naluali’i Empire had been inhabited for millennia and each city had been worked into a wondrous piece of art stretching up to a mile past the shoreline under the waves. Roughly ten generations ago, each of these cities were completely overrun in turn by the Sea Devils—amphibious shark-like creatures with an undersea empire—who had escalated ancient skirmishes and grudges into an all-out war until their enemies had been scattered like sea foam. Ever since their diaspora, descendants of the survivors have sought to rebuild and regain power and wealth enough to someday retake their lost heritage.

A Lost Culture Reborn

After the Sea Devils drove the naluali’i from their homes, they also sought out and destroyed all maps and killed any navigators they found who knew the locations of these distant islands. They did not damage the cities, leaving them instead as empty tombs to commemorate their victory, before turning their attention to other ancient foes. The naluali’i spent a few generations as bleak refugees, mourning the loss of each of their cities’ unique historical records, art, music, and other huge holes rent from their culture. Even their original language remains only in fragments that cannot be used on its own and currently exists only as isolated words in creoles and pidgins. However, in time, they banded together as they encountered other survivors of the war and pieced together every tale, song, and tradition that remained into something new and hopeful. Every piece of naluali’i art or writing uncovered is pored over by their scholars to reintroduce to their people, and every navigation chart and rumor about the location of their lost homes are documented and checked against others.

Naluali’i Names

The naming conventions of each naluali’i island city state were as distinct as other elements of their individual cultures, but with so much lost, the remaining traditions have become a quilt combining what cherished pieces are left. Likewise each island had its own traditions regarding gender, but since their diaspora, a new cultural form has arisen among the whole, which has some ties to what came before but is ultimately a new expression of unified naluali’i culture. This development takes the form of a new gender category called “kaikeiki” or “sea child” and is believed by many of their holy folk to be a manifestation of their species newfound unity and the key to returning to glory as a people. Traditions surrounding kaikeiki have only really begun to be established in the past century, but in that time many names have become associated with kaikeki either due to mythological or historical figures who defied gender roles or because of individual kaikeki becoming famous enough in their communities to inspire new generations to be named after them.
Also notable, the name Keone—meaning “Homeland” in the fragmented naluali’i tongue—had never traditionally been a name among the naluali’i, but since their diaspora it has become the single most common name among their entire population, used regardless of gender.

Example Feminine Names: Anyika, Āwhina, Haunani, Hōkūlani, Iolana, Keone, Lani, Litia, Marama, Ndomba, Papatuanuku, Roimata, Vaimiti, Waimarie, Yolly

Example Kaikeiki Names: Akecheta, Cairbe, Greeba, Irie, Kaimana, Kau’i, Keone, Lehua, Makana, Nālani, Pita, Shanty, Stoill, U’ilani

Example Masculine Names: Agwé, Canowicakte, Enapay, Fogal, Hotah, Ikaika, Kapena, Keone, Liag, Mviluki, Nīkau, Ranginui, Sebe, Tangaroa, Yo

New Species: Naluali’i

    Common Personality Traits: Grieving, pack-oriented, hopeful, musical
    Common Physical Traits: Mottled rubbery skin, barrel-chested, cumbersome on land, elegant in water
    Type: Medium biped folk with a Reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score.

  • Attributes: +3 Strength, -1 to highest other than strength.
  • Base Speed: 20 ft.
  • Broad Learning: You gain 2 additional Studies (See FC, Page 61).
  • Echolocation: You have blindsight that functions only under water.
  • Natural Attack: You gain the Bite I natural attack (see FC, page 235). If you gain a natural attack from multiple sources, the attack’s grade becomes equal to the highest single grade + 1 per additional benefit granting the same attack, to a maximum of V (e.g. Bite IV, Bite III, and Bite I become Bite V).
  • The Water’s Fine: Your speed when making swimming checks is equal to your base speed +20. You minimum result when making a Swim check is 15 unless you roll an error.
  • Distinctive: You suffer a –2 penalty and –1 threat range on Blend and Disguise checks. A threat range that decreases past 20 becomes no chance to threaten.
  • Burden of Ages: Any effect that cures or restores your vitality has only 1/2 the normal effect (rounded up).

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