Zorillo, Philosophers of the Green

Plants are children of the earth; we are children of the æther. Our lungs are properly our root; we live, when we breathe; we begin our life with breathing.

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The following material contains brief mention of themes of drug use, and may not be appropriate for all groups and/or players. Please do not use this material in a game without approval from the GM as well as the other players.

Playtest Version

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The Zorillos

Zorillos, like their non-humanoid cousins, skunks, have a potent self-defense mechanism that generally causes potentially dangerous creatures to avoid confrontations. This has resulted in an unhurried and thoughtful lifestyle that has fostered countless styles of art, philosophy, agriculture, architecture, and even engineering. Happiness, ease of suffering, and appreciation of beauty are experiences most zorillos try to cultivate, sometimes in themselves, and sometimes for others. Due to their thoughtful nature, quite a few of them dedicate their time to the arcane, to nature, or to religion. The greatest prestige in zorillo culture is to be an influential holy person or philosopher, above even those in positions to govern, as governance is seen as no more than operating the infrastructure by which philosophy is put into practice.

Jocular Philosophers

While most zorillos have a contemplative and deliberate nature, they also have an aversion to tedium. Instead of spending days writing philosophical texts in a candle-lit room, they will often refine their philosophies in witty conversation in a tavern over several pints and a well-stocked pipe. Zorillo poetry is generally full of humorous wordplay, worldly themes, and deeply insightful commentary in equal measure. Whether they be upbeat or languid, they almost all take great pains to fully enjoy both the simple pleasures of life and the finer things when they are able.

Cultivation of Mind, Spirit, and Environment

Just as zorrillos are raised to thoughtfully build their internal life, they also reflect this in their efforts to refine their surroundings. Their architecture—though many styles exist—is typically of fine workmanship and deeply meaningful design. They also put this same care into agriculture, and in pursuit of philosophy, they have bred many herbs, fungi, and so forth that can be used to produce particular states of mind when properly prepared. The many cultivars of zorillo pipe weed are extremely popular commodities among halfling communities, who in turn sell excellent food and alcohol to the zorillos.

Zorillo Names

Zorillos typically have two surnames, mother’s primary surname followed by the father’s. For example, the daughter of Pilara Cordona Ubalde and Basilio Rascon Morientes might be named Casilda Cordona Rascon. A zorillo who has become a notable philosopher, powerful magic user, or the like will often simply be known by their personal name (or a clerical name or craft name if they utilize one), unless it is particularly common or another notable individual by that name already exists, in which case a title will be added to the personal name. In the latter case, both individuals will have a title added to distinguish their works if the first notable individual by that name does not already have one. These titles are often based on a distinctive character trait or the location they are from.

Example Feminine Personal Names: Alejandra, Bonifacia, Casilda, Delfina, Eveline, Felipa, Gracia, Hermelinda, Inocencia, Leobarda, Mariana, Nadal, Pilara, Rigoberta, Sofia, Ultreia, Ynez

Example Masculine Personal Names: Adalberto, Basilio, Brun, Conrado, Dionisio, Ermengol, Florian, Gustavo, Jacinto, Liberto, Medir Omero, Porfirio, Quilo, Saturnino, Teobaldo, Urbino, Valerio, Xurxo

Example Surnames: Aguila, Brugera, Cordona, Elloriaga, Fabrega, Gibernau, Lapenti, Morientes, Odriozola, Platas, Pujol, Rascon, Savall, Solozano, Tintorero, Ubalde, Verdugo, Yocemento, Zamorano

New Species: Zorillo

    Common Personality Traits: Contemplative, witty, artistic, philosophical, savoring
    Common Physical Traits: Chubby, unhurried pace, often bloodshot eyes
    Type: Medium biped folk with a Reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score.

  • Attributes: +1 to the lowest of Constitution, Intelligence, or Wisdom; then +1 to the lowest of Constitution, Intelligence, or Wisdom (Your choice in case of ties)
  • Base Speed: 30 ft.
  • Broad Learning: You gain 2 additional Studies (See FC, Page 61).
  • Spray: Once per round as a full action you may spray a foul-smelling scent in a 20-ft. line, inflicting 2d6 + your Con modifier in stress damage. Make a single ranged attack against all characters and objects in the path; each character hit may make a Reflex Save (DC 10 + the number of Species feats you have + your Con modifier) to suffer only 1/2 damage (rounded down). Track checks targeting creatures or objects affected by the spray receive a +4 gear bonus until the end of the scene, until the creature receives a Bath service, or the object is washed for 30 minutes (whichever comes first).
  • Origin Skill: Choose 1 additional Origin skill.
  • Poison Resistance: You gain poison resistance 5.
  • Limited Proficiencies: You begin play with 2 fewer proficiencies (minimum 0).

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