Lommán’s Bonanza of Backgrounds: Elementclad Mystic

“Nature never did betray
The Heart that Loved her.”

-William Wordsworth, Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey

Adult Material

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Elementclad Mystic

You are exceptionally attuned to the primal forces of the world and have found a way, through rituals or by magical intuition, to clothe yourself in invisible energy of the four elements. Because your “garb” is made from nature it is uniquely able to protect you from the dangers of nature, instinctively balancing the strength of fire to keep you warm better than the best fur coat and water to stay cool better than even the best linen. No amount of hail or blazing sun impairs you at all…but only if you do not wrap yourself in the accoutrements of civilization known as clothing. Most elementclad mystics are either druids, hedge mages, or dedicants of deities of the natural world, but some are simply so intrinsically connected to nature and separated from civilization that they developed the ability spontaneously without realizing it is unusual until much later.
    Skill Proficiencies: Nature, Survival
    Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism kit
    Languages: One of your choice
    Equipment: A druidic focus or holy symbol of a faith associated with nature or one or more elements,
an herbalism kit, and a pouch of nuggets of precious metals worth 5 gp

Feature: Primal Endurance

You are able to commune with the elements by leaving your body directly open to them, and in so doing gain a measure of ability to channel their power through yourself harmlessly. So long as you are nude, you are unharmed by the negative effects of temperatures between -50 degrees Fahrenheit and 150 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as high altitudes, non-magical weather, and any effects from breathing non-magical dust, smoke, or ash—although these may still impair your senses (such as fog or roaring winds).

Suggested Characteristics

Elementclad mystics are much more comfortable in the wilds of nature than in urban settlements, and often cannot comprehend or openly disdain much of the etiquette and social conventions of “civilized” society. That doesn’t necessarily mean they shun cities—they may view such communities as tragically cut off from their symbiosis with nature by the actions of distant ancestors or unfortunate necessities to protect people from looming threats from other forces. They are typically seen as strange by urban folk, but are often still welcomed for their natural insights as well as their…appealing…presence in the community.

d8 Personality Trait
1 “Hot-blooded excitement” doesn’t even begin to describe my constant enthusiasm!
2 The natural world regularly demonstrates both intensity and serenity, and so do I.
3 The cool rain, the heat of the sun, the ground beneath my bare feet, the air on my naked skin…why would anyone ever want to cut themselves off from feeling the four elements?
4 I tend to half-tell parables about nature, forgetting to actually explain the metaphors.
5 I don’t see what’s so “dirty” about a bit of mud or dust. It’s good for the skin.
6 Don’t like my mood? Wait ten minutes.
7 I understand some people are picky about sex, but as far as I’m concerned, fertility is just another part of nature to share and rejoice in.
8 I wish more people were comfortable being naked to nature. Maybe I can help them try it out.


d6 Ideal
1 Nature. We should live the way we were created: naked, wild, and free.
2 Strength. If I exemplify the power and perseverance of the earth, nothing can push me aside.
3 Flexibility. A clever mind, like a rushing river, cannot be trapped or contained.
4 Harmony. It is through the combination of the four elements, including those seen as opposites, that the world is formed. So it is with people as well.
5 Beauty. Flames are a fleeting, dancing thing which bring warmth and renewal. I strive to reflect that comforting loveliness to the world.
6 Duality. When the time is right, the gentle breeze may build into a mighty hurricane.


d6 Bond
1 The innocent are like flowers and butterflies, beautiful things that should be protected.
2 I worship the celestial whirlwind and seek to share her faith to any who would learn.
3 Those who have despoiled pristine wilderness must be destroyed.
4 I need to collect enough glass created naturally through volcanoes or lightning strikes to build the primal artifact that was shown to me in a dream.
5 Being able to feel the flow of magical energy is so wonderful. I won’t stop searching until I can find a way to share my gift with the world.
6 I wish to see as many different natural environments as I can.


d6 Flaw
1 So many people want to lay with me. Why would I deny them?
2 I find all the ridiculous etiquette and protocols of civilization to nothing but self-important pretense.
3 I hate sleeping inside of buildings.
4 I quickly become distressed if I can’t feel the air on my skin.
5 Cities and towns have so many ridiculous things about them that I can’t really tell when someone is telling me the truth about them or making things up.
6 My temper is like a volcano—sometimes slow to build, but explosive when it blows.

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