Lommán’s Bonanza of Backgrounds: Quintessent

“No barriers, no masses of matter, however enormous, can withstand the powers of the mind. The remotest corners yield to them; all things succumb, the very heaven itself is laid open.”
-Marcus Manilius, Astronomica

Adult Material

The following material contains extensive discussion of sexual activity, and may not be appropriate for all groups and/or players. Please do not use this material in a game without approval from the GM as well as the other players.

Playtest Version

This material is still in the process of being playtested. It is fully usable as written, but may be refined or changed in later versions. As always, this content should only be used with GM permission.


You are an individual with rare and mysterious powers, thriving on and utilizing the uncharted capabilities of the mind to achieve your goals. Some utilize the ambient magic of the world, or an innate reservoir of arcane power, or channel miracles of a divine being whom they serve, or even simply train their body to an exceptional degree. You, however, can achieve the same greatness through thought and will. You even possess such dominion over your own body that you can consciously control it in ways most would think impossible. If you serve a deity, it is likely one of discipline or psionic powers, whose “magic” you manifest yourself through mental communion with their occult ways of thought. Quintessents are notable from other beings with some psychic powers in that they have (whether by nature or training) such a degree of phrenic might that they forgo most objects others rely upon for basic comfort and survival, like clothing, food, and often even weapons. Some carry nothing with them at all save a crystalline symbol they use to focus the autohypnotic techniques with which they manifest their will.
    Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, Medicine
    Tool Proficiencies: One type of artisan’s set
    Languages: One of your choice
    Equipment: One set of artisan’s tools, a piece of rare crystal, 5 sticks of incense, and a pouch containing 15 gp

Feature: Psychometabolic Attunement

When combined with acute mindfulness of your own body—which you have discovered is hampered quickly by the distractions of clothing—your unlocked mental power allows you to fuel, nourish, and protect your body directly with the energy of your mind. As long as you have been nude since the start of your previous long rest, you may spend 1 hour concentrating on your strange practices to receive the benefits of maintaining a Comfortable lifestyle.

Suggested Characteristics

Most quintessents consider it very important not to be too dependent upon physical tools for tasks that can be accomplished with the strength of the mind, and as such do not typically even own clothing. A few find it quite embarrassing that they must be undressed to practice their arts, and some few others even draw upon the thrill and excitement of exhibitionism as the primary energy source for their psychic talents.

d8 Personality Trait
1 After years of isolation to perfect my talent, I tend to be awkward in social situations.
2 I take great care of my appearance…since people are going to be seeing a lot of it.
3 I am prone to using abstruse analogies that are baffling to others.
4 I have no shortage of opportunities for sex, and I don’t often turn them down. One must remain attuned with every aspect of one’s own body, after all.
5 I am a perfectionist, and if I become frustrated at being unable to do something I will often work and practice at it endlessly until I am satisfied that I have succeeded at the task.
6 Being completely naked in front of clothed friends and strangers stirs a fire of embarrassment and lust within me which I use as a power source. However, my mental discipline is great enough that I can remain serene and composed even while discussing it like this.
7 Planning ahead too much leaves you following a script instead of freely processing and responding to circumstances as they happen.
8 I have several peculiar rituals and taboos that I insist on following even when it is inconvenient.


d6 Ideal
1 Self-Sufficiency. Armor rusts, weapons break, food spoils. It is better not to rely on such external things.
2 Confidence. Even more than impressing others, I must prove my capabilities to myself.
3 Curiosity. I can already do things that many consider impossible. What other “impossibilities” are out there waiting to be discovered?
4 Power. Without might, how can one preserve the things that truly matter?
5 Discipline. It is through strict mastery over the self, mind and body, that one gains true agency in the world.
6 Fame. I’ve gotten used to being treated strangely, but I hope one day to be respected across the lands for my achievements.


d6 Bond
1 In a world of sorcery and divine miracles, I aim to prove the power of the mind itself.
2 I hope to find and inspire others who have hidden talents like my own.
3 Sometimes it is difficult to find close friends when your lifestyle is as eccentric as mine, so I will cherish and protect any that I have.
4 I work to master a craft so that I can better master myself.
5 I must test the unexplored boundaries of my powers.
6 The master I learned from became corrupted. I must surpass their skills to either redeem or defeat them.


d6 Flaw
1 My techniques require fully embracing my emotions, so I am prone to being mercurial, overexcited, or volatile.
2 I sometimes spend too much time analytically examining urgent situations.
3 My powers require a technique of mentally sustaining near-constant sexual arousal and avoiding climaxes that would interrupt with the elevated ecstatic state. In short I’m horny as fuck and don’t get to cum nearly as often as I’d like.
4 When I try to explain my esoteric insights, people tend to assume I’m a crazy person.
5 I’m so used to it that I genuinely don’t realize how distracting it is for other people when I’m naked around them.
6 Since I rarely need food or drink I tend to get caught up in the experience and overindulge when I do partake.

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