Bakeneko, Idleness and Intensity

“It does good also to take walks out of doors, that our spirits may be raised and refreshed by the open air and fresh breeze: sometimes we gain strength by driving in a carriage, by travel, by change of air, or by social meals and a more generous allowance of wine.

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BAKENEKO     +2 DEX     +2 INT     -2 WIS     4 HP

Bakeneko are often mistaken for other types of feline aliens, but as they age, their tails fork beginning at the tip and eventually—in old age—will become two entirely separate tails. Scholars who study the rumors and folklore regarding bakeneko consider this a sign that they are, in fact, more closely related to the many-tailed vulpine kitsune than to other humanoid felines. Also like kitsune, they can naturally take the form of other types of humanoids and live secretly within other civilizations. Unlike their fox-like kin, however, rumors about the bakeneko are far more likely to be ominous warnings and boogeyman tales than stories of spiritual achievement.

Size and Type

Bakeneko are medium Humanoids with the bakeneko and shapechanger subtypes.

Bakeneko Magic

Bakeneko gain the following spell-like abilities: 3/day—energy ray (fire only), At Will—token spell.

Change Shape

As a standard action a bakeneko can take on the appearance of a single specific Medium humanoid. The bakeneko always takes this same form when using this ability. The bakeneko gains a +10 racial bonus to Disguise checks to appear as that type of humanoid. This ability otherwise functions as disguise self, except the bakeneko can remain in this form indefinitely.


Bakeneko gain a +2 racial bonus to Bluff and Survival checks.

Low-Light Vision

Bakeneko can see in dim light as if it were normal light.

Playing a Bakeneko

You likely…

Take simple pleasures and relaxation when the opportunity presents itself.

Roll with the punches without much melodrama except for one or a few principles you will go to war over.

Take the measure of a person by how they treat lowly workers and dependents.

Assimilate quickly into other cultural practices, with special focus on the etiquette of greetings and hospitality.

Other species probably…

Mistake you for the species your alternate form resembles.

Admire your dedication to your principles.

See you as lazy and mischievous.

Are suspicious due to the rumors and legends about your kind.

Physical Description

Every bakeneko has two forms. One is their bakeneko form, and the other is that of another sort of medium-sized humanoid. If the bakeneko in question has a non-bakeneko parent, their guise is usually the same species as that parent. Furthermore, regardless of form, bakeneko do not have an inherent sex or gender, and can freely change them as they see fit. The general appearance of either form does not shift radically with such changes, so people may assume the bakeneko to be a fraternal twin. Sometimes the bakeneko may have even more subtle differences than that when changing sex and/or gender.

Home World

Bakeneko originate from the same homeworld as humans and traveled to the stars along with them. Since then they have assimilated into many other societies and have flourished, hidden, across an even wider spread of worlds where humans may not be immediately welcome.

Society and Alignment

Typical bakeneko are fond of relaxation and leisure. They are slow to anger and happily spend significant amounts of time lounging, dancing and singing drinking songs, tinkering, or other such simple pleasures. Even when traveling or exploring, they will take what opportunities present themselves for idle relaxation or casual entertainment. However, each bakeneko has a very strong sense of propriety about a few principles or values they hold personally dear. If they witness someone violating these principles, especially at the bakeneko’s personal expense or that of someone they care about, they will become single-minded and vindictive in (at minimum) teaching the offender a lesson they will not soon forget. These principles are frequently related to showing hospitality, courtesy to those less prosperous, or not abusing family. Bakeneko tend slightly towards good alignments, but are primarily driven by individual personal values and principles that may potentially correspond generally to any specific alignment.


Most of the time bakeneko are cultural chameleons, blending invisibly into the community and only appearing in their differing form for anonymity among people who know them or when embodying legends (which they most likely shared into the community in the first place. However in reasonably cosmopolitan cultures and locales they will use their shapeshifting freely, appearing in either form and whatever gender they wish to express at the moment.


Bakeneko seek adventure for many reasons, often linked to their home culture, but also sometimes simply for thrills, to gain wealth for spending on idle carousing, or to pursue a principle they hold themselves to. Their catlike lightfootedness and grace makes them excellent operatives and their years of quickly learning through observation grants them a particular knack as technomancers or mechanics.


Bakeneko who live within another culture will normally be named according to that culture. However, since bakeneko have no fixed sex or gender, they might take multiple names to avoid confusion, or they might have a unisex name. Bakeneko raised within a community of other bakeneko usually list their family name before their personal name.

Bakeneko Family Names: Asahina, Baishou, Doigawa, Ebihara, Futaba, Himura, Ichinose, Kikuchi, Mochizuki, Nobutoki, Outsubo, Shiranui, Takana, Yukimura, Zaizen
Bakeneko Personal Names: Akiho, Chiaki, Haruka, Hibiki, Itsuki, Kazu, Kunie, Mitsuki, Nao, Rei, Setsuna, Shun, Tomoe, Yasu, Yoshiko

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