Every now and then a fantasy setting will involve the very cool idea of a highly vertical city made of huge interconnected towers. Sometimes when I have artist’s block on a map I’m working on I’ll start a new page of graph paper and design an urban area constrained entirely within the interior of a tower (or a few).
This one ended up being a mixed residential/commercial area that repeats along several layers with room for some distinctive variations in the subdivisions or combination of units, a few of which are demonstrated here.
If you want to do more customization with this as a base, I recommend not having a bridge on most floors and have a couple layers with catwalks to the center stairwell above each courtyard layer. It also has approximately 45 degree rotational symmetry rather than only 90 degrees, but in order to fit the map to a usable grid, a few irregularities will crop up if you just rotate the map rather than transferring the layouts onto the diagonal units.

Tower City Interior VTT Maps