Lommán’s Bonanza of Backgrounds: Trickster Bait

“Humility is, of all graces, the chiefest when it does not know itself to be a grace at all.”
-Bernard of Clairvaux

Adult Material

The following material contains sexual content, and may not be appropriate for all groups and/or players. Please do not use this material in a game without approval from the GM as well as the other players.

Playtest Version

This material is still in the process of being playtested. It is fully usable as written, but may be refined or changed in later versions. As always, this content should only be used with GM permission.

Trickster Bait

When people think of you, they recall your face beet red while you struggle ineffectually to cover yourself after some sort of ridiculous wardrobe malfunction or other unexpected public humiliation. The inattentive generally conclude that you just have bizarrely bad luck when it comes to embarrassing situations, but those with a keen eye or who spend more time with you will notice the culprits. You are followed, teased, and subject to the shenanigans of a number of tiny, playful entities that seem to love nothing more than to arrange unexpected situations that make you blush. They might be innocent air spirits that are simply amused by your reactions without understanding, or fey that love practical jokes, or imps set on continual low-key torment. They may even be a magical curse placed by an archmage or scorned deity of noble dignity. Whatever the particulars, you find yourself pantsed, or accidentally groped by someone reaching for a towel to wipe pie from their face, or forced to resort to body paint shortly before a rainstorm, or in some other wildly contrived and blush-inducing scenario at least daily. There probably isn’t a single person who has known you for any period of time who hasn’t seen every inch of your body in compromising (and quite public) situations.

    Skill Proficiencies: Survival, and one from the following list: Arcana, Nature, Religion, or Animal Handling, as appropriate to the nature of your mischief-makers
    Tool Proficiencies: One of your choice
    Languages: One of your choice
    Equipment: A mismatched but functional tool kit or gaming set or an instrument that you are proficient with, three random trinkets, a set of common clothes that have been sabotaged by your mischief-makers in a way that causes frequent wardrobe malfunctions, and a pouch containing 15 gp worth of mixed coins, precious metal nuggets, and semi-precious gems.


There are many sorts of tiny creatures that might have chosen to spend their time embarrassing you, either as a game of sorts, or guided by some more powerful force like a deity that enjoys pranks, a being unfamiliar with mortals who has sent impish servants to learn more about your psychology, an archdruid teaching an egotistical follower a long-term lesson in humility, or a succubus that wishes to spread random, unexpected lust throughout the world. Some types, especially fiends, tentacles, pixies, or magic hands created by a particularly perverted mage, might even actively stimulate you sexually to try to keep you aroused or make you moan at an especially embarrassing moment either from pleasure or from its sudden stop when you were close to relief. Choose the nature of your mischief-makers or roll on the Mischief-Makers table.

d12 Type of Mischief-Makers
1 Disembodied hands made of translucent magical energy
2 Tiny fey creatures
3 Uncannily intelligent crows/magpies/jaybirds
4 Elemental spirits
5 A very stealthy pair of faerie dragons
6 Animated plants
7 Celestial squirrels
8 A trio of infatuated and competitive quasits
9 Absurd coincidences set in motion by an unseen force
10 Tentacles emerging from short-lived portals
11 Random objects around you, magically animated
12 Sparkles of telekinetic energy controlled by your deep subconscious

Feature: Benevolent Rascals

Your mischief-makers might torment you but they also bring you gifts of trinkets and shiny things, such as coins, bits of precious stone, or easily-sellable gear or trade goods. The mischief-makers don’t have a clear concept of money or economics, but the useful or valuable gifts are worth an average of 2 sp per day (enough to afford a poor lifestyle), or if they cannot easily find such objects in your surroundings, they will bring food and find clean water, also providing you with a poor lifestyle at no cost. Furthermore, they can deliver messages to known creatures as long as they are within a day’s travel and can lead such individuals to your location if you wish.

Suggested Characteristics

Being chronically pranked in ways that cause public embarrassment will inevitably have a lot of impact on your social life. Are you shy or extroverted? Do you do enjoy the embarrassment, possibly even a bit too much? Do you try to hide your feelings about the predicaments you find yourself in or do you roll with them? Do you try to resist, either out of a sense of competitiveness or to try to minimize your humiliation? Can you look people in the eye when they’ve just seen you bottomless? Does the impossibility of completely preventing public humiliation frustrate you or does it make you feel free to explore your more submissive side since you have the perfect excuse?

d8 Personality Trait
1 I always try to act proper and maintain some modicum of decorum. Sometimes it at least gets people to not mention out loud that they saw up my robe.
2 I’m always just a little bit paranoid.
3 You can tease me too, I don’t mind…
4 I’d rather just wear embarrassingly revealing clothes than constantly deal with rips and snags.
5 It’s a good thing I can laugh at things that are funny at my own expense.
6 I wish I could see other people’s naked bodies as readily as they see mine.
7 I make artistic depictions of the predicaments I find myself in. Sometimes I even depict ones from my imagination in hopes it will give my mischief-makers the idea…
8 I’ll absolutely never admit it, but I like embarrassing surprises. The rush is a lot of fun.

d6 Ideal
1 Unpredictability. I’ve learned well from my mischief-makers and have cultivated a talent for catching foes off guard.
2 Preparedness. I’m always trying to stay a step ahead of the mischief-makers. It’s a challenging game and it’s good practice for adventuring.
3 Openness. There’s no point in being shy around people when you know it’s only a matter of time before they’ve seen you in incredibly compromising positions.
4 Resourcefulness. I have a lot of practice scrounging random things that will help me out with a problem situation.
5 Slapstick. My predicaments always seem to lighten the mood, so I don’t mind the embarrassment.
6 Mystery. I maintain an enigmatic and unreadable bearing even around friends. It’s the only way to keep at least some part of me private.

d6 Bond
1 My mischief-makers are like naughty but lovable pets. I’ll do anything to protect them.
2 I used to be obsessed with etiquette and propriety but it was miserable and stifling. I had an epiphany sent by a trickster deity…along with these constant reminders that prevent me from being able to slip back into my old ways.
3 I trust my “pets.” If they like you, I’ll trust you too.
4 I want to discover the origin of my mischief-makers and learn why they have fixated on me.
5 There’s a certain someone I want to get to know better but I’m nervous about what the mischief-makers will get up to if I spend too much time with that person.
6 I can’t avoid humiliation, but if I achieve great enough deeds maybe I won’t be a complete embarrassment to my family…

d6 Flaw
1 I might have developed a…bit…of a reputation.
2 I have a very hard time maintaining eye contact.
3 If I suspect a prank is coming I get nervous about going anywhere too public.
4 Being teased is a turn-on, so I’m usually thinking with my crotch.
5 Sometimes vain people develop a grudge with me because I pull everyone’s attention off of them.
6 Oh goddess, where did they hide the chastity belt key this time?!

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