Fun scenarios and idea you can add to your worlds to allow Player Characters and NPCs to show a little more (or a lot more) skin!

Jaybird’s Guide to Naked Adventuring: Celestial Paragons of the Realms 1

Celestial paragons are exceptionally powerful celestials, similar to archfiends but for the outer planes of goodness rather than evil. They are generally organized into three groups. The first is the Court of Stars, which consists of Morwel—celestial queen of the Eladrin—and any of her current consorts. As one might imagine [...]

Jaybird’s Guide to Naked Adventuring: Fiends of the Realms, Part 2

Well, it’s National Nude Day again, so it’s the perfect time to bring Jaybird’s Guide back from hiatus! As with the previous fiend entry, this one is a little spookier, edgier, and kinkier. In particular this post features various themes of corruption, questionably voluntary nudity, hypnosis/mind control, overpowering libido, erotic [...]

Jaybird’s Guide to Naked Adventuring: Deities of the Realms, Character Hook Edition

When I started doing these entries summarizing suitable deities for naked characters, I figured it would just be 3 or 4 posts (plus 3 or 4 more for celestials, fiends, and fey combined). Silly me. Since this portion of the blog is looking to be a lot more expansive I’ve [...]

Jaybird’s Guide to Naked Adventuring: Fiends of the Realms, Part 1

Let’s take a little break from deities (don’t worry, there’s plenty more) and add some variety with some archfiends. It’s nearly October, so let’s have some spooky and edgy options! As always, we’ll have five entries with descriptions, class, background, and location recommendations, and pregenerated level 1 characters so you [...]

Jaybird’s Guide to Naked Adventuring: Kur Ettesh, Rakshasa Rani

Just a heads up/content warning that since this is a Fiend Pact patron in this blog series, there’s going to be some content related to characters being pressured to go past their comfort zone in a sexualized context. So feel free to give this one a skip if you’re not [...]

Jaybird’s Guide to Naked Adventuring: Deities of the Realms, Part 4

Gee, there sure are a lot of deities in FR, aren’t there? As usual, here’s five more deities suitable for a nudist, naturist, exhibitionist, streaker, or otherwise naked Player Character. Each has a quick description, followed by class, background, and location suggestions, and a pregenerated level 1 character if you [...]

Jaybird’s Guide to Naked Adventuring: Deities of the Realms, Part 3

You probably know the drill by now. Here’s 5 more Forgotten Realms deities especially suitable for nudist adventurers, with brief descriptions, suggestions for class, background, and location, and a pregenerated character for each. Alobal Lorfiril The Merry Magician is an elven god of hedonism, mirth, revelry, and the artistic uses [...]

Jaybird’s Guide to Naked Adventuring: Deities of the Realms, Part 2

The last post featured five goddesses especially suitable for characters who strip down for devout reasons, so this one will be a sausage-fest for balance. The entries will be in the same format: A brief description followed by especially suitable classes, backgrounds, and locations for a character devoted to the [...]

Jaybird’s Guide to Naked Adventuring: Deities of the Realms, Part 1

Another thing I intend to do with this blog in addition to offering new options for nudist characters is to cover existing lore of the existing worlds that are suitable to playing naked PCs. So what follows is quick descriptions of some deities of the Forgotten Realms, as well as [...]

Jaybird’s Guide to Naked Adventuring: New Patron, The Serenwych

Now that the general game mechanics of playing a naked player character in 5e is covered, let’s dive in with a sample warlock patron to give a good excuse for using those mechanics. The Serenwych Other Names: The Grand Star, Étonnante, Beauty’s Gleam The Serenwych is an intelligent piece of [...]

Jaybird’s Guide to Naked Adventuring: Aren’t You Cold? And Other Considerations

Unfortunately, a lot of adventures happen in places (and dungeons) that aren’t exactly the most comfortable to be walking around starkers in, but there are solutions to this obstacle as well! There are a few magic items that allow you to exist comfortably in a range of temperatures or which [...]

Jaybird’s Guide to Naked Adventuring: Advanced Armor Class

In the last post, I covered how to have a reasonably comparable armor class for a nudist character at level 1, however that sometimes requires either good ability score rolls or a concerted effort to build the character for the concept. If your character is starting at a higher level [...]

Jaybird’s Guide to Naked Adventuring: Armor Class at 1st Level

The biggest potential impediment to a naked adventurer is that they don’t have armor. For some classes this is par for the course, but for those that normally rely on heftier protection, some measures need to be taken not to be a sitting duck in a fight. This is trickiest [...]

Jaybird’s Guide to Naked Adventuring: Introduction

It’s National Nude Day today in the US, so I figure what better time to start making some blog posts about a TTRPG topic that often gets interested responses but which a lot of people aren’t sure how to approach. Specifically, Player Characters who do their thing in the buff. [...]