The last post featured five goddesses especially suitable for characters who strip down for devout reasons, so this one will be a sausage-fest for balance. The entries will be in the same format: A brief description followed by especially suitable classes, backgrounds, and locations for a character devoted to the god, and then a pregenerated character who follows the deity in question.


The King of Beasts is a primal beast spirit and a god of royalty, lions, and good “monsters.” He values nobility, majesty, virtue, and doing good purely of one’s own free will. The Pride of Nobanion, as his worshipers are called, includes many druids, rangers, paladins, and barbarians who can manifest magical powers. Nobanion’s faith is new on Faerûn, but it is very popular among folk who are rarely welcome in civilization but still value nobility and doing good for others. An order of such beings (especially centaurs, blink dogs and the like) known as The Fangshields consist primarily of worshipers of Nobanion and Lurue, the goddess of Unicorns. (For more information on Lurue, see the previous post here)

Excellent Nobanionite Classes: Barbarian, nature domain cleric, druid, fighter, monk (especially if the character has claws), paladin, ranger

Excellent Nobanionite Backgrounds: Acolyte, athlete, faction agent (Emerald Enclave), far traveler, folk hero, gladiator, hermit, knight, knight of the order (Fellowship of the Purple Staff, Fangshields, Order of the Gauntlet), mercenary veteran, noble, outlander, soldier, urban bounty hunter, urchin

Excellent Nobanionite Locations: Nathlekh, Cedarspoke, Gulthmere Forest, the Shining Plains, Vilhon Reach, Dragon Coast

Character Hooks:

  • A barbarian who strives to embody Nobanion’s natural ferocity and bravery by fighting in a way that relies solely on their hide and natural weapons rather than constructed weapons and armor.
  • A ranger of the Fellowship of the Purple Staff who was raised in a centaur community and thus has simply never worn clothing and found it very uncomfortable when they tried.

Pregenerated Character: Elluin Reyceran, Wood Elf Druid


The Morninglord is a solar deity, but specifically associated with the spring, the morning, new beginnings, beauty, creativity and self-perfection, fertility, and the life giving (rather than overbearing and potentially destructive) attributes of the sun. The daily ceremonies of his faithful include greeting the rising sun with song and most of his festival days involve athletic competitions held entirely in the nude. He is the divine sponsor of many clerics and paladins, as well as of the Sun Soul sect of monks, whose main monastery is found in Waterdeep. His followers are called to give hope, aid, and inspiration to others.

Excellent Lathanderian Classes: Cleric, monk, paladin, divine soul sorcerer, celestial warlock

Excellent Lathanderian Backgrounds: Acolyte, city watch, courtier, entertainer, folk hero, knight, knight of the order (Order of the Aster, order of the Sun Soul, Fellowship of the Purple Staff, Order of the Gauntlet), noble, soldier, waterdhavian noble

Excellent Lathanderian Locations: Waterdeep, Silverymoon, Myth Drannor, Beregost, Daggerdale, Gulthmere Forest, Cormyr, Luruar, Chessenta, Sword Coast, Western Heartlands, Sea of Fallen Stars

Character Hooks:

  • A wrestler who learned to fight by training for and competing in the various athletic competitions that are part of many of Lathander’s festival days—which are always held in the nude. As a result, they find clothing and especially armor far too hot and restrictive for activities involving exertion like long distance jogging, climbing, or fighting.
  • A character who glows with Lathander’s radiance (via the light cantrip) and believes it would be wrong to hide the Morninglord’s light from the world under clothing (ways to obtain the light cantrip include: aasimar, high elf, or half elf (half sun elf or half moon elf variants); a level in artificer, bard, cleric, sorcerer, or wizard; the pact of the tome [warlock], or blessed warrior fighting style [paladin] abilities; or the artificer initiate, or magic initiate feats)

Pregenerated Character: Almesh Sungold, Dragonborn Paladin

(This character utilizes the ability score optional rules from TCE)


The Guardian of the Deep is the god who created the tritons and the focus of the worship of their theocratic society. He is a member of the Asathalfinare—a pantheon of oceanic deities in an alliance created by the elven god Deep Sashelas. While the faithful of Persana do not speak much of their religious beliefs to outsider (as most elements of it are specifically personal to triton-kind), they, their church, and their god are all quite willing to work with and assist others whose interests align with theirs.

Excellent Persanan Classes: Barbarian, cleric, druid, monk, ranger, fathomless warlock

Excellent Persanan Backgrounds: acolyte, far traveler, fisher, marine, outlander, pirate, sailor,

Excellent Persanan Locations: Serôs, Citadel of Ten Thousand Pearls, Sea of Fallen Stars, Sea of Swords, the Trackless Sea, Deep Ocean and Sea regions, Elemental Plane of Water

Character Hooks:

  • A triton far traveler who disdains surface world fashion (insisting it would become a waterlogged hindrance after even a few moments underwater) and being trained to fight underwater without heavy armor to weigh them down, typically wears only a traditional net-like triton belt to hang useful items from.
  • A storm sorcerer who wears “clothes” which are made entirely out of magically controlled fog or water spray (via prestidigitation or a common magic item).

Pregenerated Character: Vlaslyn Windcry, Triton Barbarian

Nathair Sgiathach

Nathair Sgiathach (pronounced: Na-har Skey-ach) is the god of pseudodragons and faerie dragons, and a sometimes member of the Seelie Court of the feywild. Nathair Sgiathach is a playful trickster to his core, with a love of practical jokes and apple pie (but only apple pie made with honey and white raisins). He is mostly worshiped by faerie dragons, pseudodragons, sprites, pixies, and other whimsical fey creatures, but also sometimes by more trickster-minded and rule-flouting elves and eladrin as well.

Excellent Classes: Bard, trickster cleric, arcane trickster rogue, wild magic sorcerer, archfey warlock

Excellent Backgrounds: Charlatan, criminal, entertainer, far traveler, folk hero, smuggler, spy, urchin

Excellent Locations: Evermeet, Iliyanbruen, Karador, New Sharandar, Myth Drannor, Elventree, Laughing Hollow, Evereska, Cormanthyr, Yuirwood, Neverwinter Wood, the Feywild (Seelie Court), Ysgard, Arborea, the Beastlands

Character Hooks:

  • A draconic bloodline sorcerer fairy who only even thinks to consider clothing as a costume to use as part of some kind of prank.
  • An archfey warlock whose pact with the trickster god causes near-constant wardrobe malfunctions for both the warlock and those under the effects of their spells.

Pregenerated Character: Hasterien Rivleam, High Elf Rogue


The Bearded One is the dwarven deity of brewing, carousing, and celebration. Worshiped by berserkers as well as brewers and partygoers, Hanseath is a god of wild abandon as much as hospitality. His prayers are all drinking songs and his temples are rowdy festhalls with extensive kitchens. His clerics are gladly welcomed in both civil and military life, despite their chaotic and unpredictable tendencies. Nearly every rite of Hanseath involves, or is accompanied by, excessive drink, excessive food, excessive celebration, and excessive sex.

Excellent Hanseathean Classes: Barbarian, bard, trickery or war cleric, fighter, drunken master monk, paladin

Excellent Hanseathean Backgrounds: Acolyte, clan crafter, courtier, entertainer, folk hero, guild artisan, guild merchant, mercenary veteran, soldier, urban bounty hunter

Excellent Hanseathean Locations: Mithral Hall, Gauntlgrym, Citadel Adbar, Citadel Felbarr, Sundabar, Eartheart, Underwatch, Iltkazar, Ironmaster, Human cities with large dwarven populations, The Far Hills, Icewind Dale, Dwarfhome, Nidavellir

Character Hooks:

  • A superstitious zealot berserker who believes their skill in combat grows in proportion how many of the rows upon rows of divine runes they have tattooed into their skin are visible as they fight.
  • An unusual military chaplain who maintained morale among the troops by serving as a nude festhall dancer in addition to the common Hanseathean clergy specialties of brewing and cooking.

Pregenerated Character: Dalram Brewsong, Hill Dwarf Monk

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