You probably know the drill by now. Here’s 5 more Forgotten Realms deities especially suitable for nudist adventurers, with brief descriptions, suggestions for class, background, and location, and a pregenerated character for each.

Alobal Lorfiril

The Merry Magician is an elven god of hedonism, mirth, revelry, and the artistic uses of magic. Alobal teaches his followers to seek to savor every moment of enjoyment in life rather than to waste time in either drudgery or hasty disregard. His followers count as many bards and wizards as clerics, especially those who devise magical ways to delight, provide novel pleasurable experiences, or to save themselves and others from tedious or strenuous labor. However, it is not only flashy and thrilling forms of pleasure which The Reveler encourages. He also teaches his followers to take as much joy as they can from simple pleasures like conversations with friends, hot meals, pleasant summer days, or soft beds.

Excellent Alobalan Classes: Artificer, bard, cleric (arcana, knowledge, or trickery), arcane trickster rogue, sorcerer, archfey or celestial pact warlock, wizard

Excellent Alobalan Backgrounds: Charlatan, courtier, criminal, entertainer, faceless, far traveler, folk hero, noble, sage, urchin

Excellent Alobalan Locations: Waterdeep, Silverymoon, Myth Drannor, Loudwater, Elventree, Raven’s Bluff, Suldanessellar, Yuirwood, Evereska, Cormanthor, Luruar, Mlossae, Nindrol, Ondroth, The Dalelands, Evermeet, Rucien-Xan, the Feywild, Arborea

Character Hooks:

  • A member of a religious order who strive to be pleasing to the eye, pleasing conversationalists, and pleasing in bed as freely and openly as possible at all times, in order to lift the spirits of the people and take their minds off of the troubles of the world for a little while.
  • An illusionist who is absolutely convinced that the future of fashion is clothing woven from illusions and enchantments and thus made ideal within the mind of each viewer based on their own individual tastes.

Pregenerated Character: Liaran Amalith, Half Moon Elf Cleric


Iallanis is a goddess of the Ordning—the pantheon worshiped by giants. She is a goddess of love, beauty, and mercy, and she promotes unity between all giants and giant-kin. Unlike most of the Ordning (who are worshiped primarily by the type of giant they are the patron and/or progenitor of), she finds worshipers among peacemakers of all giants and related folk.

Excellent Iallanisite Classes: Bard, cleric (especially life, nature, order, or peace), way of mercy monk, rune knight fighter, celestial pact warlock

Excellent Iallanisite Backgrounds: Acolyte, athlete, courtier, entertainer, folk hero, hermit

Excellent Iallanisite Locations: Giant, giant-kin, firbolg, or goliath settlements, Hartsvale, the Spine of the World, The North

Character Hooks:

  • A human diplomat who was taken in as a child by a firbolg community. They recognize that Iallanis’ divine opposition to xenophobia and prejudice saved their life, and dedicated that life to being a champion of her faith. They wear only flower garlands—the symbol of Iallanis—to introduce their goddess’s message of harmony, mercy, beauty, and fertility to those they meet, but are still willing and able to fight against those who threaten peace.
  • This goliath bard struck out to be an adventurer because they were sick of their community’s attitude that the followers of a goddess of tender things like sex and beauty must be weaker than followers of gods of battle, and seeks to prove themself while striving to still epitomize Iallanis’ values of pleasure, beauty, and freedom being greater than mere talents for violence.

Pregenerated Character: Lorkay Meadowguard Elanithino, Goliath Fighter


Surminare is the goddess of selkies and a member of the Asathalfinare (the pantheon of good-aligned oceanic deities). She is a divine sponsor of druids, rangers, and paladins, but has extremely few clerics. She values beauty, cooperation, and avoiding unnecessary confrontation. However, she recognizes the importance of fighting when necessary, and her representatives and followers rarely ever fight alone, having friends and allies who will gladly support them.

Excellent Surminarean Classes: Bard, druid, way of mercy monk, paladin, ranger

Excellent Surminarean Backgrounds: Far Traveler, fisher, folk hero, hermit, inheritor, marine, outlander, pirate, sailor

Excellent Surminarean Locations: Northern Sword Coast, ocean coastlines, the Elemental Plane of Water, anywhere that selkies or seals can be found.

Character Hooks:

  • A druid sailor who is the offspring of a selkie and a humble human fisher. Since their magic comes in part from their shapeshifter heritage they are unable to transform non-magical clothing when they wild shape, so they work their ship in beautiful nakedness like a true selkie while calling upon the goddess of the seal-folk to protect the vessel from the wrath of the ocean.
  • This swift sea elf paladin lived among selkies for a century before traveling to the surface world to combat a threat to their community and in the process discovering new friends to adventure with. Since selkies do not bother with clothing and armor is only a hindrance when learning to fight underwater, the paladin travels and fights in the nude. Being a walking advertisement for their goddess’s divine beauty is just a welcome side benefit.

Pregenerated Character: Arvastin Danlianthol, Water Genasi Ranger


Aasterinian is a quick-witted mischievous dragon goddess of independence, invention, free thought, pleasure, and change. Her worshipers are expected to think for themselves rather than simply complying with the demands and teachings of others. The greatest crime in her eyes is self-doubt. She admires disruption or defiance of the status quo simply for the sake of change, and learning through experimentation and play is pleasing to her. One of the most important mottos of her faith is “Let today be different from both yesterday and tomorrow.” Among non-dragons, most of her followers are wanderers, free spirits, or inventors. Despite her mercurial nature—or possibly because of her absolute independence—she is the trusted as personal messenger and representative of the primordial dragon god, Asgorath the World Shaper.

Excellent Aasterinianite Classes: Artificer, bard, cleric (arcana, forge, knowledge, or trickery), ranger, rogue, sorcerer

Excellent Aasterinianite Backgrounds: Charlatan, criminal, entertainer, faceless, far traveler, folk hero, hermit, outlander, pirate, smuggler

Excellent Aasterinianite Locations: Anywhere, but especially arid places and rocky highlands where brass, copper, or blue dragons might lair

Character Hooks:

  • A draconic bloodline sorcerer who strives to emulate the dragon goddess’s fondness for disrupting the status quo simply to keep things from being boring and relying on one’s own wits, by being a streaker.
  • A dragonborn monk who has taken to heart that the greatest sin in the eyes of The Messenger is not trusting in oneself, and as a result refuses to let any object become a crutch but instead trains their body to increase their natural capabilities.

Pregenerated Character: Aryxon, Human Sorcerer


The Oak Father is the chief deity of wild nature. Unlike Chauntea, the goddess of agriculture, Silvanus cares little about the rules and machinations of civilization and makes no consideration of it in his assessment of the great balance. He is beautiful and savage, neither cruel nor merciful, and listens only to other deities of nature and the seasons such as Eldath or Lathander, and only grouchily even with them, though they view him as a kindly but cantankerous grandfather. He has little interest in alliances or agendas or such fleeting fancies of younger deities, simply enacting the innate balance of natural cycles and lashing out against those who destroy nature intentionally or overhunt purely out of avarice like the servants of Malar. He is the chief god of druids through most of the Realms, and also grants power to many rangers and barbarians.

Excellent Silvanite Classes: Barbarian, college of glamour bard, nature domain cleric, druid, way of the four elements monk, oath of the ancients paladin, ranger, scout rogue, divine soul or wild magic sorcerer

Excellent Silvanite Backgrounds: Acolyte, faction agent (Emerald Enclave, Fellowship of the Purple Staff), folk hero, hermit, outlander

Excellent Silvanite Locations: Old Oak Dell, Lyon’s Oak, Waterdeep, Silverymoon, Ilighôn, Kuldahar, Forest of Tethir Gulthmere Forest, Impiltur, Vilhon Reach, other forested areas

Character Hooks:

  • A member of the Emerald Enclave who is a naturist as a way to “experience the world as beasts do” in order to better understand them.
  • A former noble who abdicated their authority and threw away all of their clothing in an attempt to renounce the influence of civilization when they converted to the worship of Silvanus.

Pregenerated Character: Khas’ris Cedarmane, Centaur Cleric

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