Gee, there sure are a lot of deities in FR, aren’t there? As usual, here’s five more deities suitable for a nudist, naturist, exhibitionist, streaker, or otherwise naked Player Character. Each has a quick description, followed by class, background, and location suggestions, and a pregenerated level 1 character if you want to quick-start. On with the show!


Sharindlar, the Lady of Mercy is known to most non-dwarves as a goddess of life and healing, and is a prolific sponsor of clerical healers—her followers making up roughly one out of five dwarven clerics in the realms. However unknown to outsiders, within dwarven culture she is more importantly known as Sharindlar, the Shining Dancer, the goddess of romantic love, courtship, and fertility. Her blessings are sought by dwarves seeking to have children, whether married or not (Berronar being the dwarven goddess of marriage, not Sharindlar). She is an exuberant, joyful, and kind goddess, who finds diplomacy and politics dull and tedious, preferring to speculate on the future love lives of others. She usually appears as either a glowing aura of warmth and radiance or as a beautiful dwarven maiden dressed in diaphanous gowns and walking barefoot. She prefers not to fight, but if forced into combat, she would banish her beautiful clothing to prevent damage to them and fight in the nude.

Excellent Sharindlaran Classes: Bard, Life Domain Cleric, Monk, Celestial Warlock

Excellent Sharindlaran Backgrounds: Acolyte, Cloistered Scholar, Courtier, Entertainer, Folk Hero

Excellent Sharindlaran Locations: Eartheart, Hammergate, Myth Drannor, Mithral Hall, Gauntlgrym, Citadel Adbar, Citadel Felbarr, Sundabar, Underwatch, Iltkazar, Ironmaster, Human cities with large dwarven populations, The Far Hills, Icewind Dale, Dwarfhome, Nidavellir

Character Hooks:

  • Unable to magically dismiss elegant clothing for battle as their goddess does and unwilling to dress in any manner intended for utility rather than to inspire desire, this worshiper of the Shining Dancer simply remains undressed any time they suspect a fight may occur.
  • A Paladin who wears only the diaphanous veils and scarves of certain Sharindlaran courtship ceremonies and considers it a holy mission to personally assist communities struggling with fertility rates or difficulties related to lack of available companionship.

Pregenerated Character: Ranvan Goldforge, Dwarf Cleric

Rillifane Rallathil

The Leaflord is the elven god of druids, woodlands, and patron of the wild elves (sometimes known as green elves or grugach). Like Silvanus, Rillifane is primarily concerned with the natural world and he (and his followers) tend to be wild and disinterested in the trappings of civilization (including clothing, preferring body paint for adornment). However, Rillifane is much friendlier with other deities, especially the rest of the Seldarine (the elven pantheon), deities of nature like Eldath and Mielikki, as well as with many of the Seelie archfey.

Excellent Rillifanean Classes: Barbarian, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Oath of the Ancients Paladin, Ranger, Wild Magic Sorcerer

Excellent Rillifanean Backgrounds: Far Traveler, Folk Hero, Hermit, Outlander, Soldier

Excellent Rillifanean Locations: Yuirwood, Shilmista, Methwood, the Forest of Amtar, Chondalwood, Aglarond, Chessenta, Amn, Tethyr, The Shaar, Vilhon Reach, Dambrath, Chult

Character Hooks:

  • A wild elf who had never worn clothing before venturing outside their home forest and finds the garments to be unbearably distracting.
  • A Circle of the Moon druid who would rather use the forms of natural creatures for protection or defense when necessary than utilize products of mortal artifice.

Pregenerated Character: Triskalyn Alderrest, Half-Elf Barbarian

Sehanine Moonbow

The Lady of Dreams is an elven trickster goddess of the full moon, journeys, dreams, and illusions. She is also the patron of moon elves, paramours who must meet in secret, those intent on mischief, and others who do business furtively by moonlight. Just as Lathander is the god of dawn and spring, Sehanine has dominion over autumn and twilight. Like her lover, Corellon Larethian, she is a shapeshifter who can appear as any gender and/or sex, and in fact most religious and artistic depictions of them together show Sehanine as a willowy elven man.

Excellent Sehanite Classes: Bard, Cleric (Especially Grave, Knowledge, Light, Twilight, or Trickery), Ranger, Rogue, Illusionist Wizard

Excellent Sehanite Backgrounds: City Watch, Criminal, Faceless, Faction Agent (the Moonstars), Knight of the Order (Moon Knights), Noble, Smuggler, Spy, Urban Bounty Hunter

Excellent Sehanite Locations: Myth Drannor, Rucien-Xan, Neverwinter, Ardeep Forest, Evereska, Chondath, Cormanthor, Synnoria, Evermeet, Moonshae Isles, Sword Coast North

Character Hooks:

  • A mysterious swashbuckling warlock with the Faceless background and countless romantic rumors who wears vestments and a mask formed of intangible moonlight which just barely manages to (or doesn’t, if you prefer) conceal their nudity beneath it.
  • One moonlit night a romantic individual was forced to flee a rendezvous without time to dress, and discovered Sehanine had blessed their audacity and their stealthy amorous endeavors, as they managed to narrowly escape dozens of guards and evade capture in the crowded city the entire night. Now whenever they engage in adventurous pursuits, they do so naked and if possible under the moonlight to show their trust in Sehanine to guide them.

Pregenerated Character: Brizora, Eladrin Bard


The Master of the Invisible Art is an ancient and serene god of enlightenment, balance, autonomy, and psionic powers. He was the patron god of the ancient Jhaamdath civilization, and though his organized church fell with the destruction of the empire and his arts are rare and poorly understood these days, he still has scattered worshipers and devotees quietly following his guidance throughout the realms. Ancient Jhaamdathi depictions of the Lord of Reason show him as a lithe, purple-eyed human who possesses no items at all except occasionally a pure white robe. Auppenser’s philosophy teaches that the mind is united with the body and thus discipline and meditation to train the mind must be accompanied by physical training to refine the body.

Excellent Auppenserite Classes: Order Domain Cleric, Psi Warrior Fighter, Monk, Soulknife Rogue, Aberrant Mind Sorcerer

Excellent Auppenserite Backgrounds: Archaeologist, Athlete, Cloistered Scholar, Hermit, Sage

Excellent Auppenserite Locations: Arrabar, Hlondeth, Westgate, Selgaunt, The Free Cities, Chondath, Sembia, Turmish, the Pirate Isles, Vilhon Reach, Dragonmere, The Sea of Fallen Stars

Character Hooks:

  • An amethyst dragonborn psi warrior or monk (or draconic sorcerer with a houseruled ancestry for amethyst dragons—with an associated damage type of either force or thunder) practicing ancient techniques passed down through their secretive clan. They set themself apart from the foolish modern world which has all but lost the Invisible Arts by disregarding its standards of dress and conduct, instead following a mysterious and convoluted code which they will not explain to anyone not initiated in their tradition.
  • This rogue found a psionic training manual from ancient Jhaamdath and is working diligently to be able to manifest knives of psychic force as the manual describes, but finds that the absolute mental discipline to create them is too difficult to achieve when their natural sense of balance is disrupted even a tiny bit by clothing or armor.

Pregenerated Character: Pimkin Copperberry, Halfling Monk


The Dancer in the Glades is a goddess of fertility and the deep wilds, and serves the goddess Mielikki, focusing on nurturing life while Mielikki protects it. Her worship is mainly centered in the High Forest, but she has a few shrines and temples elsewhere in the realms. Her clergy are nomadic and disregard pomp or hierarchy, living simply and nurturing the wilds and those who live in harmony with it. They are typically referred to as the Sisters of Life and Mercy, since most are women, but this is just a colloquial term and faithful of any gender may serve her in this fashion.

Excellent Shiallian Classes: Nature Cleric, Druid, Oath of the Ancients Paladin, Ranger, Scout Rogue, Archfey Warlock

Excellent Shiallian Backgrounds: Acolyte, Faction Agent (Druids of the Tall Trees, Emerald Enclave, Harpers), Folk Hero, Hermit, Outlander

Excellent Shiallian Locations: the High Forest, Everlund, Silverymoon

Character Hooks:

  • A wandering acolyte who as an act of dedication wears only an acorn chaplet and carries only a staff of oak and a simple bag of basic necessities, trusting themself to the harmony of nature and the good will of the faithful.
  • A druid of the Tall Trees circle who “clothes” themself in decorative druidcrafted plant vines that are intended only to accentuate their attractiveness, and who is hesitant to use tools or objects that cannot be obtained directly from nature or through the combination of nature and magic.

Pregenerated Character: Serrk, Aarakocra Ranger

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