Hamingja, Celestial Inspiration

“Fortune, my friend, I’ve often thought,
Is weak, if Art assist her not:
So equally all Arts are vain,
If Fortune help them not again.”

-Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Love Epistles of Aristænetus

Adult Material

The following material contains explicit content, and may not be appropriate for all groups and/or players. Please do not use this material in a game without approval from the GM as well as the other players.

Playtest Version

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Descended from a peculiar type of celestial being, a hamingja (Pronounced: HA-min-gya) resembles an exceptionally beautiful human from the waist up, and have a lower body like that of a snake covered in gleaming, lustrous scales. They sometimes have unusual hair colors, often extremely bright or metallic, and tend to dress either in ornate finery or not at all, having interest in clothes or armor only if the garments match their own beauty. They are often considered to be harbingers of good fortune and many nobles will jockey with one another to have one attend their court.

The First Bards

Hamingja are descended from—and resemble smaller, wingless versions of—powerful celestial beings who serve deities of goodness and freedom, especially those concerned with love, beauty, pleasure, joy, and artistic expression. These celestial forebears of the hamingja possessed the ability to create magical effects through music, song, and dance. Legend has it that since the hamingja retain enough of this power innately that the first few generations of hamingja, ages ago, were able to master it as a skill and teach it to other mortals.

Champions of Freedom and Fortune

Due to the variety of celestial power which runs in their veins, hamingja frequently possess a strong wanderlust and relish for new experiences, as well as a near-compulsive aversion to cruelty, tyranny, or excessive rules and hierarchy. Most spend at least some time as an adventurer and many of the more martially-inclined hamingja become paladins, fighting to protect and inspire the downtrodden and despairing.

Free Spirits

While there are exceptions, most hamingja are pansexual and non-monogamous, and consider intimate sex with a close partner, casual sex without attachments, and sensual but non-sexual touching and grooming to be distinct (if related) forms of positive experience to each be celebrated in their own ways. While hamingja most often default to having a feminine upper body with breasts, they can change their build and figure to suit the tastes of whomever they wish to be pleasing to. Their genitals, when not aroused, resemble outer labia covered in fine, flexible scales, and can choose just as readily as they change their upper body whether the genital slit contains a vulva, a penis, or a pair of penii. Most hamingja do not have a single concrete gender identity and revel in the freedom and experience of any or all genders, while a few seek to explore a single gender experience to its fullest.

New Specialty: Hamingja

  • Bonus Feat: Dragon-Tailed
  • Celestial Heritage: Your type is also Outsider in addition to your other types.
  • Serpent-climb: You are always considered to have a climbing kit and do not need to use your hands or arms while climbing.
  • Thick Hide 2: You’re considered to be wearing partial armor that provides Damage Reduction 2. This DR does not stack with other armor (only the best protection applies). If you gain thick hide from multiple sources, your hide offers the highest single DR value + 1 per additional hide benefit (e.g. thick hide 4, thick hide 3, and thick hide 1 offer DR 6).
  • Wings of Light: You have a pair of immaterial wings made of light which you can hide or reveal as an action. When revealed, your wings shine dim light in a 50-ft. Radius.

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