You may have noticed that full color PDFs of the player species options are going up on the FurAffinity page. They should start appearing on the individual pages here on the website within a week as well, with printer-friendly versions soon to follow.

Also the Capture, Don’t Kill blog posts have begun flowing again as well. I hope to have a more consistent pace with those, of about one every friday.

In other news, sometime around the new year, there will be a slight adjustment to the scheduled Patreon releases. The furry player species will continue, but they will alternate in the two-week release spot for a while with a new (still free) product I’m working on.

If you have read Consent in Gaming by Monte Cook Games, you will recognize the Consent Checklist featured at the end of that document, for ease of use with the Lines and Veils technique for helping to ensure that no one in a game is blindsided by material that makes it too uncomfortable to proceed in the game.

Consent is doubly important in lewd tabletop roleplaying, and most of the horror stories I hear about it going badly is because someone, either GM or player, just sprung it on an unsuspecting group that wasn’t comfortable with the content. I realized I had never seen a Lines and Veils approach presented in the lewd TTRPG products I’ve seen in the past, so I decided I’ll bite the bullet and make them. They are meant to be used in conjunction with a more general checklist, as these are specifically zoomed in on particular subject matters like exhibitionism, for example. These will be print-friendly PDFs hosted here on the website.

The first big release from Malachite Idol, titled The Grand Harem, will also have a checklist of this sort included, covering the particular erotic themes that book will likely feature in play. When the book is finished, its checklist too will be available as a free download here on the site.

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