This public bath is based roughly on ancient Roman baths of the real world, where folks would undress, exercise to work up a sweat, then soak in three pools of decreasing temperature from hot to cool, all while socializing casually. I designed this bath around the idea of the church of a deity of beauty providing services to help the population of a city look their best, and as such includes laundry, spa, and beautician services along with the bathing.

Also if you want to feature it in a published adventure involving water that’s deep, a dragon, and a heist, it fits neatly into the footprint of a couple buildings a block to the southwest of the alley where the player characters’ home base tavern is located, on the official map of the city.

I’m still trying to refine a workflow and consistent visual style for the simple maps like these, but this one lent itself fairly well to presenting all four isometric views (two below and all four in the zip file at the bottom)

Luxurious Public Baths Isometric VTT Maps